Higher and degree apprenticeships: getting ready to deliver the new standards


Jisc is exploring how digital technologies can best support the delivery of the new apprenticeship standards at higher and degree level. Please help us to better understand the issues and your priorities by answering a few questions about your current activity and thoughts on the future. Your answers will help to shape guidance we are producing as part of the project.

 To what extent is your institution already involved in delivering apprenticeships?
 What level of apprenticeships are you delivering?
 To what extent do you expect this to change with the new apprenticeship standards?
 Do more No change Do less 
 Higher level   

 Degree level   
 In what subjects might you deliver apprenticeships in future?
Please tick all that apply
 Significant amount likely Some delivery likely No delivery likely 
  (CAH01) medicine and dentistry   

  (CAH02) subjects allied to medicine   

  (CAH03) biological and sport sciences   

 (CAH04) psychology   

 (CAH05) veterinary sciences   

 (CAH06) agriculture, food and related studies   

 (CAH07) physical sciences   

 (CAH08) general and others in sciences    

 (CAH09) mathematical sciences   

 (CAH10) engineering and technology   

 (CAH11) computing   

 (CAH12) geographical and environmental studies   

 (CAH13) architecture, building and planning   

 (CAH14) humanities and liberal arts (non-specific)   

 (CAH15) social sciences   

 (CAH16) law   

 (CAH17) business and management   

 (CAH18) communications and media   

 (CAH19) language and area studies   

 (CAH20) historical, philosophical and religious studies   

 (CAH21) creative arts and design   

 (CAH22) education and teaching   

 (CAH23) combined and general studies    
 What kind of employers do you expect to be working with?
Please tick all that apply
 Will you offer fixed or flexible start dates?
Please tick all that apply
 What delivery models do you expect to use?
 Significant amount likely Some delivery likely No delivery likely 
 Block release   

 Day release   

 Mainly online   

 Other blend   
 What digital technologies will you be using to support delivery and management of the apprenticeships?
Please tick all that apply
 How do you expect to deliver your ILR (individual learner record) compatible files to ESFA?
 What do you see as the main challenges in delivering the new standards?
 Significant issue Minor issue Not a problem 
  Designing the right curriculum   

 Finding the right mode of delivery   

 Student tracking & monitoring   

 Data requirements e.g. ILR   

 Integrating on and off the job elements   

 Providing the right evidence of learning   

 Suitability of existing VLE   

 Suitability of existing E-portfolio   

 Student motivation         

 Employer commitment to meeting obligations   

 Meeting employer's information/data requirements   

 Other systems issues (please describe below)   
 Are you willing to offer any help to the project?
Please tick all that apply
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